Environmental Policy title

AKA Design Ltd aims to be an industry leader in environmental responsibility. We have already demonstrated our commitment to the environment through a number of progressive initiatives, some of which include switching from acid catalysed to PU based paint, changing the lighting system to a more energy efficient system and sourcing a service provider to recycle our MDF waste. All the MDF that we use in our furniture is FSC approved. We regularly test water based wood finishes and will make the switch as soon as we resolve issues around functionality. We powder coat our product range with VOC free powder, this reduces waste and the escape of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. We have recently switched from bottled to filtered water and we participate in the Cycle to Work scheme.

As a modern client focused company we anticipate our customers demand for environmentally responsible products, this has led us to formalise our commitment through a policy statement.

AKA Design Ltd commit to compliance with current and future legislation. We seek to be progressive in our approach to the environment, thus we observe industry best practice and exceed where practically possible.

We have identified the following themes that it is our intention to address;

Environmental Innovation: Be creative in our approach to environmental improvement by rigorously addressing the business case for sustainable materials and processes.

Conservation of Raw Material and Energy:
Ensure the efficient use of raw material through process design and life-cycle analysis. Continue to move towards more efficient energy consumption by regularly reviewing efficiencies of machinery, transport.
Environmental Awareness Raising for Staff:
Ensure that all staff are aware of our environmental commitment and what that means for their area of work.

Communicate our environmental policy to our dealers and investigate the appropriateness of creating a dealer policy.

Communicate our environmental policy to our suppliers and encourage good environmental performance where appropriate.

Environmental Management System:

Investigate the potential for implementing an accredited environmental management system. At least creating a process to monitor and review policy commitments.

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